Our Team

Stacy Overbey

Director & College Counselor

Stacy received a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Wellesley College, and a Certificate in College Counseling with distinction from UCLA. She has lived in Switerland for over 30 years, raising three bilingual, bicultural children and guiding them along three diverse academic paths. Stacy worked as an English teacher and a columnist for an American newspaper before opening her own editing company, Intermedia Editing Services. In 2009, she took over the Gasser Learning Center (founded in 2000) and, in addition to her managerial duties at TLC, provides college counseling as an independent educational consultant and member of IACAC.

Alena Kapnulina

Biology, Chemistry, Math Tutor

Alena received her IGCSE and IB Diplomas at an international school in Spain, and is now pursuing her bachelor degree in biomedicine at the University of Zurich. She has tutored many students over the years in all of her spoken languages, English, Russian and Spanish.

Caroline Winkler

ACT / SAT, ISEE / SSAT, Psychology, German Tutor

Having received her B.Sc. from the University of Florida, Caroline is currently a developmental psychology masters’ student at UZH. She has several years of experience teaching and mentoring younger students, including ADD/ADHD cognitive training as part of her recent internship at the KJPD in Zurich.

Cosima du Pasquier

Math & Physics Tutor

Cosima has the Swiss Matura, her B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the ETH Zurich, and is currently pursuing her M.Sc. there, including an exchange semester at MIT and internship at Apple. She has been sharing her passion for math and physics with students for several years, employing her own unique teaching methods to ensure success.

Fabian Monge

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math Tutor

Fabian completed his degree in chemical engineering at the University of Costa Rica and his second B.Sc. as well as his M.Sc. in environmental sciences at the ETH Zurich. He has several years of teaching and tutoring experience and many appreciative students in both countries.

Nayana Chakrabarti

English Language & Literature Tutor

Nayana received her B.A. in English from the University of Cambridge, her M.A. from King’s College, and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from Cambridge. She has extensive experience teaching students from primary through secondary and is familiar with the A-Levels and IB curricula.

Nora Keller

SAT / ACT, Social Studies, History, German, English Tutor

Nora has the Swiss Matura and received her B.A. from Wellesley College; she did her graduate work at Columbia University and has been awarded an M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D., all degrees in political science. She has considerable teaching experience garnered over several years as a high school tutor, TA, and college level instructor.

Sarah Klapisch

Psychology & German Tutor

Sarah received the IB Diploma from ZIS before heading to the US for college.  After her B.A. in psychology from Brandeis, she returned to Europe for her M.Sc. in Early Intervention in Psychosis at King’s College London.  Now back in Zurich, she is passionately supporting TLC students in psych, German and certain SAT subject tests.

Rekik Scholler-Mekonnen

English, Literature, History, SAT / ACT Tutor

Rekik received her IB diploma from the International Community School in Addis Ababa, her B.A. in biology from Cornell University, and her M.A. in English and American Literature from the University of Fribourg. She has extensive experience tutoring a wide range of subjects and in particular standardized test preparation.

Sandra Neveu

English & Spanish Tutor

Sandra received her B.A. with honors in education from the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educacion in Santiago. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching and curriculum development in both Chile and the U.S. from which her English and Spanish students at TLC benefit greatly.

Stephan Blank

Economics, Math, Accounting, SAT / ATC Tutor

Stephan is an honors graduate of Zurich International School and Maastricht University with a B.A. in economics and international law, and recently received his M.Sc. in management and law from ZHAW. He has garnered extensive tutoring experience with students of all ages in both English and German over the past several years, specializing in economics and business management as well as ACT and SAT test prep.

Tariq Leinen

Physics & Math Tutor

Tariq has the Swiss Matura from the KS Hohe Promenade.  He is currently working on his bachelors at the ETH in Interdisciplinary Science which includes courses and labwork in theoretical physics, physical chemistry and math.   At TLC, Tariq supports students in math and physics, and can also do so in Swiss German and French.