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Mock SAT / ACT Tests

The test-taking experience is simulated in a large classroom with other students, professionally proctored under strict time limits. Such practice has proven an invaluable part of standardized test preparation. Please contact us for further details on the next scheduled mock at The Learning Center.


Group SAT / ACT Prep

Test prep can be organized for small groups of 4 to 6 given sufficient demand.  Please contact us for further information.


Test Proctoring for Distance Learners

We are pleased to invigilate official exams for local students enrolled in online courses. Our facilities include quiet classrooms, a wireless network, computer, scanner and printer. TLC is an officially approved proctor for Harvard Extension, UC Berkeley Extension, Penn State, Stanford Online High School, and many other remote learning programs.



Editing services are available for anyone producing an English document that needs to be polished and perfect.  A highly qualified and experienced editor will proofread for stylistic improvements, make all technical corrections, and provide creative input if appropriate.


Educational Counseling with SCHOOLFINDERS

Moving to Switzerland? Desire to change schools in the Zurich area? Our partner firm Schoolfinders can competently advise how to best navigate the myriad of choices in the Swiss and international school systems as well as counsel on Swiss boarding schools. Contact Nicole and Diane at findschool@schoolfinders or through