College / University Counseling

Feeling daunted by the university application process?  It can certainly be confusing, stressful, and overwhelming to students and parents alike.  Our private college counseling provides individualized support throughout this challenging and exciting time.  Contact us for an initial consultation to learn more — the first 30 minutes are FREE! 

Services are available to address each step:

  • Identifying Personal Preferences and Priorities
  • Determining Best-Fits Unis
  • Comprehensive School Search
  • Academic Record Review
  • Application Strategies (ED / EA / RD)
  • Timeline Management
  • Requirement Review
  • Standardized Test Planning
  • Essay Support (brainstorming, evaluation, feedback, proofreading)
  • Planning of Campus Visits
  • Interview Preparation and Practice


Pre-College Counseling (for students in 9th and 10th grade)

Pre-college counseling is designed to help a student plan his or her high school curriculum and devise an early strategy that will help with college admissions.  This is a great way to make sure that your son or daughter is taking the required classes and building a solid academic record.


Prep School Counseling (for students in 6th to 11th grade)

This service is available to students thinking about applying to prep schools in the U.S.  Similar to the college counseling program, support is given for all steps of the process, from school selection to application submission.