"The Learning Center was very helpful in my preparation of the ACT. TLC gave me a great outlet to go to when I needed help on specific sections of the test. Also, the tutors were very good at teaching to my learning style, which in turn improved my test scores dramatically."

--High school student

"TLC's response time is phenomenal! All of our requests over the past four years were expedited in record time, and the results were extremely satisfactory."

--Mother of four

"My teenage children have benefited greatly from TLC's services throughout their high school careers. No matter the subject, the topic, or the scope of the assignment, their tutoring needs were always met competently, professionally, and efficiently."

--Mother of two TLC students

"My 11-year-old daughter looks forward eagerly to her time at The Learning Center. Her tutor always has creative, varied, fun lessons planned in a warm, nurturing atmosphere."

--Mother of primary school student

“TLC provided a highly personalized learning environment that encouraged my son to make the most of his potential. Supported by the tutors, he worked very hard to improve his SAT scores, and the results have been outstanding.”

--Father of a high school junior

“The boys have SO loved spending time at TLC. What a gift that is! Most would complain but it was a highlight for them. They were challenged but encouraged and praised. “

--Mother of three sons aged 6, 10, 12

“Unsere 17-jährige Tochter besucht mit grosser Freude die Lernunterstützung im TLC und hat grosse Fortschritte gemacht. Die Fachkompetenz der Lehrkräfte ist sehr gut und der Stoff wird mit Spass vermittelt. Wir können das TLC nur weiterempfehlen.”

--Parents of a high-school junior

“Math is fun!”

--Third-grader after 5 days of semi-intensive summer tutoring

“We are very thankful for the time the kids have had at The Learning Center as they both feel they are really learning a lot!”

--Mother of a 3rd-grade son and 1st-grade daughter

“Beide meiner Kinder haben den Service des Learning Centers in Anspruch genommen. Mein Sohn hat sowohl Unterstützung in Mathematik bekommen, als auch an einem intensiven SAT-Vorbereitungskurs teilgenommen. Seine Mathematikzensur hat sich um eine Note verbessert. Meine Tochter hat ebenfalls intensive Hilfe in Mathematik bekommen. Dieses hat sich auch bei ihr im Zeugnis positiv bemerkbar gemacht.
Die freundlichen Mitarbeiter und die hoch motivierten Lehrkräfte sind immer bemüht jeden Wunsch zu erfüllen. Auch kurzfristig, ist es immer möglich Termine zu vereinbaren.
Für meine Kinder ist das „tutoring“ in The Learning Center eine verlässliche Hilfe in ihrem Schulalltag geworden.”

--Mother of two high schoolers