Our Philosophy

At The Learning Center, we believe that all children can succeed at school. Our mission is to provide support that specifically targets the unique needs and learning style of each individual.

Lessons cover course content and provide the student with new strategies that can be applied to other classes.  Above all, we strive to foster self-esteem and a positive attitude towards school.

We at TLC have created a comfortable and nurturing environment for our students where they feel free to take risks and are able to enjoy the learning process.



Only 10 weeks until the start of IB and AP exam periods — do you have a revision plan?  Let us support you in creating one, filling any gaps, and ensuring that you feel confident of your knowledge in each and every subject.

Our 1:1 tutoring is available both in person and online, and we will do our utmost to accommodate a student’s preference.  Our schedule is filling fast so don’t hesitate, get in touch today!