Our Philosophy

At The Learning Center, we believe that all children can succeed at school. Our mission is to provide individual tutoring that specifically targets each child’s unique needs and learning style to help him do his best.

Lessons are not just about learning subject content. They should provide the student with new strategies that can be applied to other classes and, above all, should foster self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning.

We at TLC have created a comfortable and nurturing environment for our students where they feel free to take risks and are able to enjoy the learning process.

TLC News

Wishing you all a memorable 2018!

Get your learning on! If we can provide support in any class, be it for a particular topic or the subject as a whole; to review or supplement coursework; for the long- or short-term, please contact us at your earliest convenience with all scheduling requests to ensure your choice of tutoring slot(s); as always, we will do our very best to accommodate your preferences.

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