Our Philosophy

At The Learning Center, we believe that all children can succeed at school. Our mission is to provide individual tutoring that specifically targets each child’s unique needs and learning style to help him do his best.

Lessons are not just about learning subject content. They should provide the student with new strategies that can be applied to other classes and, above all, should foster self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning.

We at TLC have created a comfortable and nurturing environment for our students where they feel free to take risks and are able to enjoy the learning process.



AP / IB exams in May

Students who will be taking IB and/or AP exams in May now have just 7 weeks to ensure they are as prepared as possible.  Our experience has shown that many make the mistake of relying solely on their classwork to get them ready, and believe the grade they are receiving in class is indicative of their expected score on the exam.  Often, however, some course material is not covered thoroughly enough.  We want to strongly encourage students to take responsibility for their own preparation, and would be delighted to support them in the process. We still have limited space for weekly tutoring as well as some availability for intensive revision during the upcoming spring break.  If you are interested, please reply asap as spots are going fast!

Standardized testing coming up?

Whether ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT, IELTS, TOEFL or more, we ensure that students are ready by test day.  Personalized 1:1 lessons specifically target individual weaknesses as well as bolster strengths to maximize performance.

Applying to college?

We also can help in crafting compelling applications with primary focus on the personal essay and activities section.  Need a brainstorming boost to get started, or constructive feedback along the way?  Overwhelmed by countless supplemental questions?  Unsure of the best application strategy (EA / ED / SCEA / REA / RD)?  Get in touch today!