Our Philosophy

At The Learning Center, we believe that all children can succeed at school. Our mission is to provide individual tutoring that specifically targets each child’s unique needs and learning style to help him do his best.

Lessons are not just about learning subject content. They should provide the student with new strategies that can be applied to other classes and, above all, should foster self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning.

We at TLC have created a comfortable and nurturing environment for our students where they feel free to take risks and are able to enjoy the learning process.




Warmest wishes for many exciting learning opportunities throughout 2019!

We hope you thoroughly savor the well-deserved semester break and find time to relax and recharge.  For families of seniors in the midst of the college application process, we’d like to share this  thoughtful article by Brennan Barnard.  Peace to all!

Standardized testing next semester?

Whether ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT, IELTS, TOEFL or more, we ensure that students are as prepared as possible by test day.  Personalized 1:1 lessons specifically target individual weaknesses as well as bolster strengths to maximize performance.

Applying to college?

We also can help in crafting compelling applications with primary focus on the personal essay and activities section.  Need a brainstorming boost to get started, or constructive feedback along the way?  Overwhelmed by countless supplemental questions?  Unsure of the best application strategy (EA / ED / SCEA / REA / RD)?  Get in touch today!