Our Philosophy

At The Learning Center, we believe that all children can succeed at school. Our mission is to provide support that specifically targets the unique needs and learning style of each individual.

Lessons cover course content and provide the student with new strategies that can be applied to other classes.  Above all, we strive to foster self-esteem and a positive attitude towards school.

We at TLC have created a comfortable and nurturing environment for our students where they feel free to take risks and are able to enjoy the learning process.



Remote classroom learning combined with the stress of the ongoing unprecedented situation can be an overwhelming challenge for students.  They may find it more difficult to focus, to ask their questions, to request further explanation; all this can make effective mastery of course material more elusive than ever.  As pupils and parents navigate these unparalleled times, know that we at TLC are here to devise individualized learning plans to ensure that educational goals are met.  Given that the schools are being forced to repeatedly revise their teaching modules, we provide regular and consistent top-quality tutoring for students of all ages, in all subjects and at all levels.

Our 1:1 tutoring is available both in person and online, and we will do our utmost to accommodate a student’s preference.  For lessons at our premises, rest assured that we strictly adhere to the guidelines of the FOPH (BAG); for virtual lessons, we must mutually agree on the platform to be used.  In either case, you can always expect our superior standard of learning support.

Wishing you good health, much fortitude and strong nerves!